How To Make A Travel Book In An Easy Way

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Learning how to make a travel book in an easy way gives you the opportunity to capture your holiday memories and enjoy them for years to come. So let’s learn what it takes to make a travel book that transports you back to your fondest times away from home.


Key Takeaways

  • A travel book captures your favorite memories and moments while traveling abroad.
  • Personalize your travel book so that it contains the things you want to remember.
  • Take the time to use the right materials, layout and format.
  • Keep your travel book updated with new memories from future travels.

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How To Make A Travel Book For Memories

Making a travel book is a fantastic way to commemorate your holiday and gives you a physical memento that will last for years to come. Whether you’re looking to make a travel book for a big holiday like your honeymoon or simply to create a lasting visual journal to log your journeys, travel books are an excellent way to immortalize your time abroad.

Travel books are essentially tailor-made photo albums that include pictures, annotations and other entries about your travels. There’s loads of ways that you can make these books unique to you, from the style of book you use to the themes you decide to focus on. As a general overview, consider the following areas when learning how to make a travel book:

  • Find your theme e.g. food, destinations or specific moments of your trip.
  • Decide on a format such as an itinerary-based travel book or a chronological one.
  • Think about additional things you might add, such as captions or quotes.

There isn’t a hard and fast rule for making a travel book, so don’t be afraid to get creative. The real focus is on creating a physical item that celebrates your travels in a fun, engaging or personal way.

With that said, there are a few key steps you’ll want to follow to make the process as smooth (and fun) as possible. So, let’s dive into our four-step process for creating a travel book for memories that will stay with you a lifetime:

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Gathering Your Materials For The Travel Photo Book

The first step in creating your travel book is gathering all of your materials. Think carefully about the overall aesthetic you’re after here, as this will impact your choice of materials. You can choose whatever materials you like for your cover, but to give you a good idea here are a few suggestions:

  • Linen: If you’re looking for a classy, understated look then linen is a great choice. It comes in a wide range of colors and feels soft to the touch.
  • Coated cloth: Coated cloth is one of the most popular materials used for books because it offers good durability and a formal aesthetic. You can choose from a wide selection of colors with coated cloth, too.
  • Leather: For something a little more sophisticated, leather is an excellent material choice. As well as looking and feeling great, it’s water-resistant too, making it an ideal option if you’re traveling with it.

The other materials you’ll need to gather are the most important - the photos. When selecting the photos for your travel photo book, don’t just pick the ones that look great. Think about the story behind each picture and how they can complement your travel book as a whole. It might be a good idea to start categorizing your pictures by theme, date or memory at this point too.

Another thing to keep in mind when selecting your pictures is to keep things varied. You probably don’t want a photo album that’s just pictures of nice buildings, so make sure that you cover the standout sights as well as in-between moments. It’s often the pictures that don’t look as good or don’t include iconic skylines that have the best stories anyway!

Add Text, Hashtags, Locations

The next step in creating your travelbook is deciding on what text you’d like to incorporate. You can get really creative here by adding extra context to your photos by including a brief summary of the photo. You might want to use hashtags to link one moment to another or act as its own caption. You could even include things like specific coordinates so you know exactly where the photo was taken.

For a little more detail, you should consider adding captions to each photograph. So for a Hawaii photo book, make sure you include things like the name of beaches you went to. This gives you a chance to explain the picture, why it’s important to you or any funny memories you relate the image to.

You might also want to include a general blurb or some other text to capture how you felt or to describe the experiences you photographed. This is a great way to add more detail to your travel book. What’s more, when you go back and look through the book the blurb can reignite old memories that the pictures alone might not be able to.

Selecting A Layout For Your Travel Photo Album

Once you’ve got the text of your travelbook sorted, it’s time to move on to the layout stage. This is where you finalize the overall structure, themes and aesthetic of your travel book. You might already know exactly how you want to do this, but if not the images and text you have chosen should guide you. For example, if you have a good selection of photos of food, you might want to dedicate a section to culinary delights you’ve enjoyed abroad. Or, you might want to stick to a chronological format that shows your journey one day at a time.

The key to making a travel photo book that’s truly yours is to be as creative as you’d like with it. Include quotes from your trip away, random memories or unique encounters you experienced. It all adds to the richness of the book and will be more rewarding when you read it with little tidbits added.

It might be a good idea to try and find a structure and stick to it throughout the photo travel book. This will make moments easier to flick through and give as much detail as possible - perfect if you want to remember your time away.

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Putting Everything Together

With all of your materials and content ready, the last step is bringing it all together. If you’ve followed through with the steps above, this shouldn’t take you too long. You’ll simply need to categorize your photos, captions and blurbs together before placing them on the pages in an aesthetically pleasing way.

As this is going to be a unique travel photo book just for you, don’t be afraid to put your own spin on things. You can add fun drawings, stickers or other accentuations to make each and every page pop. Just focus on making it about your memories while abroad and you can’t really go wrong.

This is going to be your last opportunity to make any big changes or revisions to your travel book, so go over each page carefully. Look out for grammar issues, incorrect dates or sections you may have missed. Then, it’s just a matter of putting any final touches on your book.

Must Have Sections You Should Have In Your Travel Book

Although your travel book will be unique to you and your experiences, there are a few sections you’ll most likely want to include. When you make your own travel book, consider including:

  • Highlights: Include a page that highlights some of your most memorable moments spent abroad.
  • Lowlights: Even the bad things that happen abroad make great memories, so include a section that includes some of the things that went wrong.
  • Destinations: If you have lots of destinations from your trip, consider a section that goes over each one to create a comprehensive map of your journey.
  • Quotes: If you picked up any unique or life-affirming quotes during your trip, consider a page dedicated to those immortal phrases and quips.

Regardless of the sections you choose to include in your photo travel book, it’s important to create balance. This includes balancing out text and visuals to create a captivating story that doesn’t focus too much on the sights or memories. That way, you’ll be able to get the absolute most out of your travel book every time you read through it.

Ideas For Your Travel Photo Album

One of the best things about a travel photo album is that you can bring together unique memories from your trip in one place. To help with this, let’s go over a few travel photo book ideas for your album to make it truly yours:

  • Food: One of the best parts about traveling is the amazing food you get to enjoy along the way. Consider focusing on different food options (the good, the bad and the ugly!) and talk about where you sampled them.
  • Key moments: Every holiday has a few key moments that make lasting memories. Consider bringing these key moments into your travel book with a dedicated page or as a highlight for a particular section.
  • Make a timeline: A really popular way to structure your travel book is chronologically - starting from day one of the trip and going from there. It’s a great way to take the journey all over again as you explore the book in the same way as you explored the destination on your holiday.

What Is The Purpose Of A Travel Book?

A travel book is a way to create a visual memory of your travels. It’s a personal book that includes photographs, captions and blurbs that immortalizes your time abroad. From capturing the moment you first tried sangria in Portugal to your adventures in the outback, it’s a way to capture those moments.

You can use your travel book as a memento to remember your past travels and hold onto these incredible memories. It’s also a place to store important pictures for you to look at in the future. It even has the added benefit of bringing in more context to those pictures with captions, quotes and other touches. You can keep it to yourself or show it to your loved ones - and it will stay with you forever.

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Common Mistakes To Avoid In A Custom Travel Picture Book

There are a few things to avoid when making your travel book to ensure it works just the way you want. So, try not to fall into the trap of the following mistakes:

  • Too many images: A travel book isn’t just a photo album - so make sure you include other things like text and captions to make it unique.
  • No narrative: Try to include a narrative in your travel book that makes sense - otherwise it’s just a collection of pictures with no structure.
  • Forgetting about geolocations: It can be hard to track down exactly where a photograph was taken, so try to include geolocations for each picture!
  • Making it bland: Travel books are a creative way to document your travels, so make sure it’s uniquely you! Don’t make it a boring, bland compilation of pictures.

How To Maintain A Travel Book For Memories

A travel book is for life, so taking care of it in the right way can make it last as long as possible. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your travel photo book for life:

  • Keep it away from direct sunlight, water sources or other scenarios where it could get damaged.
  • Take it out from time to time and flip through the pages to keep them in good condition.
  • Leave sufficient room to add more pages and experiences so that it remains relevant throughout your life.

How To Avoid Breaking Your Travel Book While You Travel

Travel books, just like any other books, are susceptible to damage. So, let’s go over how to keep your travel book safe while traveling:

  • Keep it safe: Don’t bring your book to places where it could get lost, dirty or damaged. You can always add notes to it when you get back from your adventures for the day.
  • Check it before bed or when you wake: Keep an eye on your travel book every day to make sure it doesn’t get lost or damaged.
  • Buy a protective case: If you can, buy a protective case or covering for your book so that it won’t get damaged in transit.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Make A Travel Book

How To Make A Travel Book

The best way to make a travel book is by following this guide! You’ll need to compile your travel photos, get the materials for your book and bring them all together to create a high-quality travelbook.

Common Mistakes To Avoid In A travel Book

There are lots of mistakes to avoid when making your travel book, but the biggest mistake tends to be not creating categories or a clear timeline. Without doing this, your travel book simply becomes a photo album.

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