How To Make Your Own Pregnancy Journal

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A pregnancy journal is a beautiful keepsake that allows you to track and immortalize your pregnancy journey. So, let’s learn how you can make your own pregnancy journal that will stay with you a lifetime. 

Key Takeaways

  • A pregnancy journal is both a beautiful keepsake and a practical timeline of your pregnancy.
  • Choose a journal that works for you - you can choose traditional, digital or a hybrid.
  • Include a clear timeline for your pregnancy in the journal and include entries for important dates and moments.
  • Creating your own DIY pregnancy journal is a fun way to create a tailored memento that you will keep for years to come.

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Steps To Create Your Own Pregnancy Journal

Creating a pregnancy journal is a heartwarming and creative way to document your journey while pregnant. From pouring out your emotions about this uniquely magical time to venting about the challenges you face, a pregnancy journal is both a useful tool and a cherished memento. So if you’re unsure about how to create your own pregnancy journal, follow the steps below to learn all you need to know: 

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Choosing The Right Medium

One of the first things you’ll need to consider is the type of journal you’d be most comfortable using. There are two main mediums - a traditional paper journal or a digital version. Opting for a traditional journal offers a more tactile experience where you jot your thoughts down using a pen and paper.

The digital option is arguably a more accessible option that allows you to update journal entries through your digital devices. There are a few other benefits of using a digital journal, such as the ability to back up your journal and upload photos. However it’s all a matter of preference, so take the time to consider what you’d like to use.

If you’re struggling to decide between a digital or traditional journal, you might be best using a hybrid solution. You can use a physical journal for hand-written notes and entries or holding onto keepsakes. Then use a digital journal to back up your entries or include digital media like video.

Writing Tips For A Meaningful Journal

If you really want your pregnancy journal to shine, then the things you write in it should have meaning behind them. This can be challenging, especially if you aren’t too experienced with things like creative writing. So, to help you write meaningful journal entries, try to follow these tips:

  • Write about random moments: It might be counter-intuitive, but some of the most impactful entries in journals often stem from seemingly random moments. From things like your baby kicking during a song or an unnerving food craving late at night, it’s often the random things that are the most touching.
  • Don’t overthink it: Consider your pregnancy journal as your own personal space to vent. Don’t overthink what you’re writing down too much. Instead, focus on putting your emotions and feelings on the page in an earnest way.
  • Include the little things: Although big milestones like babies first kick are worth including in the journal, don’t overlook the small stuff. Things like dreams you have or the decisions you make on the nursery design can become incredibly impactful and memorable later in life.

Assembling Your Journal

Once you’ve got a good idea of what you’ll be including in your journal, you’ll want to consider assembling it. How you approach this will largely depend on your own creative process, so feel free to use your own judgment. With that said, there are a few things you can do to make assembling your pregnancy journal a little easier. So consider the following tips:

  • Be consistent: Consistency is key when it comes to creating content for your journal. Try to dedicate a few minutes every day to jot down a few notes. This will create a more complete picture of your pregnancy journey, including small day-to-day details.
  • Consider sections: A good way to break down the contents of your pregnancy journal is using sections. You can use different themes like trimesters or baby firsts to guide the sections. By structuring the journal in this way, you can create a more neat timeline.
  • Include visual content: As well as writing in your journal, consider including visual content too. These might be photographs, ultrasound images of the little one or other visual media to enhance the pages of your journal.
  • Add decoration: To make each page of your journal pop, think about finishing things off with decorations. This might include hobbycraft materials like ribbon, sketches or other fun doodles to make your pages more visually appealing.

Preparation For D-Day

In the run up to d-day, take a little bit of time to prepare your journal essentials so that they’re readily available. It’s really helpful to have things like your journal and writing tools ready to go in case you have to leave quickly. The last few days of your pregnancy tend to be the most hectic, but it’s well worth keeping your journal around. You can jot down how you feel during the moment, what your expectations are and any novel experiences you went through towards the end of your pregnancy journey. 

Storing Your Journal

You’ll want to keep your pregnancy journal readily accessible so that if a spark of creativity hits you, you can quickly write down your thoughts. There are a few useful places to store your journal while keeping it safe and easy to access, including:

  • Your bedside table: Keeping your journal within arms reach of your bed is a great option if you like to write before bed or when you wake up.
  • On a bookshelf: Storing it on your bookshelf is a sensible choice as the journal will be safely placed beside other books. It won’t be prone to things like water spill damage and is less likely to get lost if safely stored on the bookshelf.
  • A memory box: If you have a memory box, then this could be a great place to store your pregnancy journal. Every time you go to collect it, you’ll be greeted with a box of your cherished keepsakes, which can get you in the right headspace to write meaningful journal entries.

When To Start Your Pregnancy Journal?

You can start your pregnancy at any time during or even prior to your pregnancy. In many cases, the earlier you start the more content you can include. However, there are a few notable times to consider starting your pregnancy journal which we’ll go over below: 

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Before Your Pregnancy

Starting your pregnancy during the ‘trying’ phase is a good option as it gives you time to capture your life before the journey of pregnancy begins. You can include details about your pregnancy goals, aspirations and potential challenges you’ll face. By starting early, you’ll enjoy a more holistic outlook on your pregnancy. You can look back on your anticipation - and possible anxieties - around pregnancy. 

Finding Out Your Pregnant

Another notable time to start your pregnancy journal is when you first discover that you’re pregnant. This is an incredibly exciting time in your life, so starting your journal at this stage will capture the magic of first finding out you’re pregnant. It’s a time filled with emotions and hopes, so each page in your journal can document your feelings about pregnancy as they develop. 

First Trimester

If you want to start your pregnancy journal from your first trimester, you’ll certainly have plenty to write about! It’s usually at this point that you’ll really start to notice changes in your mood, emotional state and body. From feeling your first kick from the baby to your first bout of morning sickness, there will be lots that you’ll want to write about from this point on. 

Any Other Time

You’re never going to be too early or late to start your pregnancy journal, so get started with it whenever you feel like it. Even late into your pregnancy, such as during your second or third trimester, you’ll have lots to talk about. Whether it’s discussing designs for your nursery or preparing for the hospital, there’s always something memorable to capture in your journal during your pregnancy. 

Why Should You Keep A Pregnancy Diary?

There are loads of reasons why you should keep a pregnancy diary. From documenting your journey to creating a beautiful keepsake, let’s go over a few reasons why keeping a pregnancy journal is a worthwhile pursuit: 

Stress Relief and Venting

Pregnancy is an emotional time - even when everything goes right. Your pregnancy journal can act as a safe space for you to relieve stress or vent about the challenges you face during your pregnancy. You can write about your emotions, worries and victories as a way to vent in a therapeutic way. You’ll have reduced stress levels if you can get these feelings out in a healthy way, so a pregnancy journal can be a useful tool. 

Tracking Pregnancy Progress

Your pregnancy will be a long journey, so keeping a pregnancy journal can help you track your progress. You can take notes of things like upcoming prenatal appointments, key milestones through your pregnancy or any symptoms or changes to your body. You can even use it to monitor the growth of your baby and ensure your ideal pregnancy times are staying aligned. 

Bonding With Your Unborn Child

Writing about your child before they are born is a fantastic way to bond with them as early as possible. You’ll start making strong emotional connections by sharing your hopes, dreams and aspirations in your journal. Over time, this will encourage a strong bond between you and the little one, even before you get a chance to see them. 

Making a Cherished Keepsake

Once you’ve gone through your pregnancy, your completed pregnancy becomes a cherished memento. It’s something that you can always refer back to if you want to relive this special moment in your life. Years down the line, you can even show your child the journal to give them insight into what your life was like during your pregnancy. 

Creating A DIY Pregnancy Photo Journal

One of the best ways to immortalize your pregnancy journal is through photographs. By creating your own DIY pregnancy photo journal, you’ll end up with a cherished memento that oozes character. So, let’s go over how to create a DIY pregnancy photo journal: 

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Pick Your Medium

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide on your medium for the photo journal. Look for a high-quality scrapbook or journal that is big enough to fit your photographs. Make sure you choose one with enough blank space to cover the entire pregnancy journey. 

Using Online Services

You can use online services to make the process of cataloging your photographs much easier. Services like those offered by Mosaic Journal allow you to upload pictures from your pregnancy and have them delivered to your home. You’ll end up with high-quality pictures that you can lovingly place in your journal. What’s more, you can also buy an album and prints bundle if you’re looking for a beautiful, linen-bound album for your journal. 

Plan a Timeline

Next, you’ll want to plan a timeline for your DIY pregnancy journal. Aim for a consistent frequency to show clear progress. You might choose weekly or monthly updates for the journal, but using milestones can work too. 

Capture a Variety of Moments

Make sure you invite some variety onto each page by capturing a variety of different moments from your pregnancy. You can include things like mood photos to show how you feel at a particular moment, ultrasound images to show the progress of your little one or a special cravings section dedicated to food you loved during this time. Be sure to include journal entries alongside your shots to add some context. 

Add Decorations

You can accentuate each page with various decorations. Consider using things like stickers, sketches and quotes to add some character to each page. You can also bring in mementos to stick in place, such as baby shower invitations or fabric from your little one’s first outfit. 

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Make A Pregnancy Journal

How To Make A Pregnancy Journal?

Making a pregnancy journal is a great way to immortalize your pregnancy journey. To make a pregnancy journal, you’ll need to gather the materials which include a journal and stationery. Then, decide on the frequency of your journal entries. Remain consistent with your entries to show a clear progression. From here, you’ll want to decide on what the journal will contain - so discuss things like your emotions and key milestones during your pregnancy. Finally, you’ll want to add some finishing touches like decorations to make each page uniquely beautiful.

When To Start Your Pregnancy Journal

You can start your pregnancy journal at any time - even before you’re pregnant! There are a few useful times to start it if you want to capture as many important moments as possible, such as: • Pre-pregnancy • First trimester • Third trimester

Why Should You Keep A Pregnancy Diary?

Keeping a pregnancy diary is both a great way to create a memento for your pregnancy and a practical way to document your progress. You can mark down important details like expected due date, any appointment times or the overall progress of your pregnancy through the trimesters. It’s also a fantastic way to immortalize your pregnancy journey. It will likely be something you look back on fondly for years to come. You can even show your child the pregnancy journal later in life to give them a bit of perspective about your journey.

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